Contract services

Computers need to be fast, reliable and secure,

Today, even in a clean, modern office there is a still a lot of dust, which over time will be pulled through your computer's fans and files will accumulate on windows. This all leads to slow performance from your computer and and possible crashes or complete system failure. However for a small monthly fee we have a service contract to help keep your computer performance up to speed and the contracts can be tailored to your individual needs.

Here are the services that we offer and you may have any combination or quaintly of the services listed below:

  • Remote Support
  • Callouts
  • Servicing contracts
  • ISP services
  • Labor
  • Web site maintenance
  • Web site and domain name hosting

Remote Support

If you take out our Remote Support contract we can easily take control of your computer remotely, and solve most problems without having to come to you this saves you money as there are no call out fee's.


Callouts are dependent on distance from Haverhill


This includes cleaning the inside of the computers (for maximum hardware life and performance), checking that your anti virus, firewall and anti spy software are up to date and working properly and cleaning all temporary files from your computer (increasing system performance).

ISP services

see here


This is up to you how much you would like included in your contract but the more you have the cheaper it is.

Web site maintenance

This is arranged if required details to be agreed

Web Hosting

We offer lots of packages for your web site from managed hosting to giving you a control panel so that you can manage you own site.