ISP Service

The nature of broadband internet access is changing; content is becoming richer, with MPEG, MP3 and MP4 volumes creating higher and higher usage. Demand for data doubled late 2005 early 2006 and there is no sign that this trend will slow down.

Therefore customers are making very high demands on ISP's this is part of the reason ISP's are shipping out the customer support to india and similar places. However here at aabbex computers you will speak to someone in the uk and we will do are up most to help.

Services offered

We have lots to offer the internet hungry business here is a list of some of what we can offer

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

This is the most common form of broadband that all ISP's offer. The Asymmetric element meaning that the bandwidth is not the same both ways. Speeds are from 512kb/s to 8Mb/s download and 256kb/s to 832kb/s upload.

SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

This is another form of broadband becoming increasingly available Not all ISP's offer this service. SDSL means that bandwidth is symmetric - the same both ways. Speeds are from 512kb/s to 2048kb/s (2Mb/s) both ways.

There are several packages that we can offer in these services from normal priority (50:1 contention) to high priority (20:1 contention) on ADSL and (10:1 contention however this one is virtually un-contended at the moment) on SDSL

We can even supply Un contended DSL Products that are ideal for VoIP applications,and as leased line alternatives. Both ADSL and SDSL can be provided as an un-contended service

Bonded Connectivity

This is a solution delivered by aggregating multiple broadband channels to achieve faster connectivity. This is not a very common connection type and most ISP's will not offer this type of connection.

Example you have 2 phone lines with internet connections you get 8Mb/s download and 265kb/s upload on each, if you bond the lines you will have 16Mb/s download and 512kb/s upload and it will act like one connection this can be done with up to 4 lines.